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The short life of a Greyhound is a story of misery and death.

Never forget that Greyhound Racing is controlled by Gambling and Money. It is big business, with total disregard for the dogs. 15 States still allow racing as it brings in millions of dollars in revenue. The cruelty of this industry is finally being exposed. The majority of people attending these races have little knowledge of what actually happens to these animals. Little do they know, or care, what kind of life these dogs lead. To them it’s a lot of fun, have a few drinks, make or lose a few bucks, and return to their comfortable homes. The life of the Greyhound is one of misery, fear, mistreatment, and finally a painful death. The remains of approximately 3,000 Greyhounds from Florida tracks were discovered on the Alabama property of a track security guard who “took care” of unwanted dogs with a .22 rifle. Their horrible life began the day they were born, and ended the day they died.

Track dogs killed in Mass, ctsy:all-creatures.org

Life of a Greyhound
The Greyhound is not considered as a living animal, but rather a running machine. Thousands of Greyhounds are produced each year, many more than are needed. Dogs that are considered as too slow to make it are killed. Any dog that is injured, or develop muzzle sores or really any problems is killed. If they win they live. If they lose they die. Very few make it to 4 years old. Most end up with heatstroke, heart attack, injuries, sickness, broken legs, they all die. Dogs suffer at every track of neglect, and soon meet a cruel death. Cramming them in crates for transport to the track, sometimes a hundred miles or more, many die on the trip. Many suffer from
malnutrition, and dehydration. Without the proper air conditioning they die from heatstroke. Any dog that slows down or becomes unprofitable is killed. One kennel owner faced felony charges for selling over 1,000 Greyhounds for medical experimentation. So how are these killed.? The favorite method is a .22 bullet in the brain. In an Idaho Greyhound Park, a female Greyhound was placed on a wet floor, a metal wire shoved in her rectum and attached to her lip with an alligator clip, and she was electrocuted. Many are beaten to death, buried alive, and hung. In Florida six Greyhounds were found along the highway near a dog track. All met a horrible death.

Greyhound allowed to be starved to death, ctsy:all-creatures.org

Live animals are used as lures to “keep the dogs in shape.” Mostly rabbits are used, guinea pigs and even cats are used for bait in live-lure training. Breeders continue to produce hundreds more animals than are needed. Any one of them that is lacking outstanding running ability is killed. Remember, this is about money and gambling.

The Greyhound is a very gentle, quiet and friendly animal. Few make it very far, most ending up in a quick grave. The tracks in an effort to make more money have paid lobbyist to get legislatures to pass laws favoring gambling. Even if your state has banned Greyhound racing it is likely that it has breeding kennels for supplying dogs to other states.

Over one third of the nations dog tracks are located in Florida. Up to a thousand American bred pups are sent to the Caliente Dog Track in Tijuana, Mexico each year. American breeders , dog owners, and dog tracks supply the Caliente track with NGA registered Greyhounds. The Juarez and Nuevo Laredo dog tracks, now closed, were supplied with American bred Greyhounds for decades.

Each year thousands of young Greyhounds who do not display potential to make money are “disposed of.” Some are sent to be killed at Veterinary offices, animal shelters, research labs, or any place that will finish them off quickly. It is estimated that thousands of dogs and cats are killed each year. Thousands of Greyhound puppies meet death from “natural causes” when in reality they are destroyed on the puppy farms. Practically none of these dogs are ever delivered to rescue groups. Many end up in a dumpster.

Documented “disposal” methods include: euthanasia, mass euthanasia, gunshot, starvation, bludgeoning, donated for medical research, abandonment, sale to racing interest in third world countries, electrocution, hanging, and strangulation. In earlier years an ice pick shoved in the heart was a favorite method of disposal. Miami used a decompression chamber to kill thousands. In the 1980s bodies of unprofitable dogs were stacked by the dozens at the backside of the track, left to rot.

Greyhound pups are bred by operators holding 500 or more dogs. The litter can be
1-13, with 7 being average. After being sent to training farms, traveling in cramped quarters, many dogs arrive at their final destination dead. Many Greyhounds are killed that never raced at a track. Most are discarded after racing only a short time.

The average kennel maintains around 60 to 80 dogs. Cheap tracks often hold 200. An average track known as a “compound” with 15 kennels may house 1000 dogs. The dogs that cannot perform are killed by the cheapest method available. Living conditions at some tracks are brutal. A broken leg means instant death.

Why doesn’t the Government do something about the situation.? Greyhound racing is a State Mandated business. The Federal Government has no control over it. State regulations prove to be a conspiracy of silence, hear no evil speak no evil. Everyone knows what is going on but none are willing to do anything about it. The inhuman treatment to these dogs is beyond comprehension.

So the torture goes on for these pathetic animals. Apparently nothing will ever be done because everyone is afraid to speak up against the criminal element. The death of thousands of Greyhounds continues, as Americans look the other way. How could anyone ignore the brutality to these wonderful animals? Life goes on for the average American, and comes to an end for the Greyhound. Where is God? How can he allow such indignities to animals which he himself created. Even when someone is caught all they get is a slap on the wrist, and probation.

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