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Unacceptable treatment to animals by research labs
Warning extreme atrocities to defenseless dolphins and seals.
Witness these atrocities in video below.


Vivisection: Outdated, Cruel, and Unnecessary

It is estimated that at least 500 million animals suffer in labs throughout the United States. 75 million "excess" mice, alone, are destroyed without even being used by researchers per year. Massachusetts has one of the largest lab animal populations in the nation and the world. Every day, primates, dogs and cats, mice and rats, and other animals suffer horribly in experiments in Massachusetts.

Animals are burned, cut, maimed, addicted to drugs, starved, and given fatal diseases, often with no anesthesia. In fact, no federal law regulates what happens to animals during actual experiments. Even food, water, medical care and infant access to mothers are routinely denied if deemed to be necessary for experimental conditions. Law enforcement is notoriously lax, and ethical decisions are made by industry insiders, often co-workers and friends of the researchers.

Massachusetts has one of the largest lab animal populations in the nation and the world. Local MARC campaigns for lab animals include helping the more than 2100 primates at Harvard's New England Primate Research Center in Southborough, Massachusetts; the animals that will suffer horribly at Boston University's proposed BioTerrorism Lab in Boston, and the animals at the Tuft's Vet School. MARC pickets the International Drug Company Conference, which is held yearly in Boston. Drug testing tortures and kills millions of animals yearly, yet fatal reactions to drugs "proven safe in animals" is the fourth leading cause of human death in America.

Animal Testing is cruel and unreliable. There are three main animal tests used on millions of animals each year: (1) the Eye Irritancy Testing which is also called the Draize test, which forces chemicals into the eyes of fully conscious, restrained rabbits. No pain relievers or anesthetics of any kind are used. The extreme pain often causes them to struggle so severely that they break their own backs-dying in agony needlessly. (2) The Skin Irritancy Testing, which places corrosive chemicals onto the shaved/raw skin of rabbits and guinea pigs. The caustic nature of these substances causes severe injuries to the animals. Gaping wounds and bleeding are common. (3) And the Oral Toxicity Testing, the LD50, which force-feeds strong chemicals to fully conscious animals for 14-28 days until they die.

I have horrible memories of a movie I saw on Animal Research. A terrified monkey was strapped in a device which clamped his body so he could not move. A spring loaded arm would move at high speed and strike the monkey on the side of the head. This was repeated as many times as needed to crack his skull. The “Research Technicians” then proceeded with their tests, however most never made it because they died from the terrible blows.

Another pointless and troubling test was made on geese. One of the low I.Q researchers had a thought. How could a goose survive on the ground if he could not fly. Everyone agreed it was a very good idea. 50 Geese were rounded up, their wings were broken, and they were left to thrive on their own in a wooded area. I don’t need to continue to tell you they all died a slow unnecessary death. I am sure the one who dreamed up this ignorant experiment received a commendation and a promotion. The experiments on monkeys is a nightmare.


Every year more than 20,000 dolphins, whales, and porpoises are killed by Japan. This is the largest deliberate slaughter of dolphins in the world. In Taiji Bay, a picturesque tourist attraction, Japanese fishermen employ "drive fishery" to force dolphins and other sea mammals ashore then hack them to death, slashing their throats and stabbing them with spears and knives repeatedly.

Fishermen go out in boats to known dolphin migratory routes. Positioning their boats strategically, they space out to form a line and wait for the dolphins. When the dolphins arrive, the fishermen drop long metal pipes into the water, and by banging on the pipes they create a wall of sound. The sound interferes with the dolphins' ability to navigate - it disorients and panics them. The dolphins swim away from the sound, and the fisherman maneuver their boats herding them into a small shallow bay. Once in the bay, nets are drawn across the mouth of the bay to keep them penned in. Dolphins will not abandon these wounded family members and so they are trapped and brutally killed.

Even though dolphins are among the world's most intelligent animals, the fishermen view the animals as "pests" who compete for fish.

The Japanese fishermen use threats and violence to keep tourists and others away from the bay, knowing that their fellow citizens and the world-at-large would oppose them. The Japanese government issues permits to allow this massacre. The government and fishermen are so secretive that the majority of Japanese people don't even know the slaughter occurs.

After the massacre, the bodies of the dolphins are taken to a slaughter house to be butchered. The meat is severely contaminated with pollutants but is sold without warnings in supermarkets in Japan - supermarkets often owned by US and European chains. We need your help to stop this senseless killing.

VIDEO: Dolphin Slaughter (02:58) - A short film documenting how dolphins are captured and killed for human consumption and greed.

We can put a stop to this by speaking out against this horrendous cruelty,
and sharing this information with everyone we know.


Primate research violates human moral boundaries. Over 2100 primates are imprisoned in Harvard University Medical School labs in Southborough, MA, and the number has INCREASED 50% in the last 8 years. AND Southborough is expanding to provide monkeys to BU's controversial bioterror lab.

At the New England Regional Primate Research Center, Harvard researchers perform these unnecessary and horrific procedures:

  • Implanting electrodes into the brains and eyes of monkeys.
  • Surgically attaching permanent head restraint bolts to monkeys' heads.
  • Forcibly addicting monkeys to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, speedballs, and other drugs.
  • Destroying areas of the brains of live monkeys with neurotoxins.
  • Unsuccessfully transplanting pig kidneys and hearts into baboons.
  • Inducing severe stress in monkeys in order to study severe stress in monkeys.
  • Injecting aerosols containing foreign genes into monkeys' lungs for 3 hours in a row 2 days a week for 12 weeks, then killing them.
  • Forcing dogs' hearts to beat 240 times a minute for 4-7 weeks till they die of heart attacks.

Is This Humane?
Nationwide, 100,000 primates are locked up in US labs. In various experiments, primates are deprived of food and water for up to 23 hours a day; are bound at the waist and neck in "restraint chairs" for up to 104 hours in a row; are subjected to electric shocks; and have bolts, electrodes, and other devices surgically attached and implanted. Up to 35% of primates are kept socially isolated even though they are known to be extremely social animals. In 2002-2003, 400 monkeys died in Harvard labs.

We should all be thankful for the Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition. We MUST stop the torture of animals in testing.

Please support MARC.

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